001 Bank, 2020, Video, Collaborative Project with Claire Matthew and Emma Schep
001 은행, 2020, 비디오, laire Matthew 과 Emma Schep 공동으로 수행한 프로젝트


001 Bank

Currently, the market of direct-to-consumer DNA testing kits is booming. Knowing own DNA information can help individuals to deal with genetic diseases effectively, but at the same time, it can also amplify anxiety about diseases that have not occurred, making individuals paranoid. Sharing individual's genome information accelerates scientific researches, but there is a possibility of infringing on one’s privacy and the right to be hidden. And when DNA information is not delivered with sufficient explanation, it can form a bias on particular group, causing discrimination. 

Considering the complexity of DNA data and the widespread influence it has, it needs to be addressed in parallel with social systems, individuals' daily life, and human perception on own and other beings. The idea of the bank, fundamentally an archive of certain information, is used as a tool to reimagine and tackle the nearby future that can be created under the influence of DNA data and the attitude on it.


Part 1

What if there is a bank that one’s DNA data becomes a bank account, and individuals can have the right to decide how would they store, share, and profiteer on their DNA data, by deciding which bank to use among different types of banks, such as the distributed network or even an absence of network?

Through the structure of an alternative social system built based on a fully sequenced genome, and stories of three people who choose different banks, the project explores what issues and resolutions this scenario might bring, by showing different objects from the daily life of three different characters.


Part 2

What if the market for DNA was focused more on the relations between humans and other living beings and prioritized knowledge exchange over financial gain?

The 001 system is a conceptual bank that gathers genetic information in one network and offers accessible knowledge for researchers and citizens to learn about the building blocks of life; with cross-fertilization for projects. Bank 001 moves DNA from merchandise to connection, accelerating the discovery of knowledge and encourages a feeling of belonging


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