Plant Body on the Blurry Boundaries, installation, (photoshoot: Sunghoon Lee, Andreais Kim, Jongwon Kang) 


Plant Body on the Blurry Boundaries

In the novel 'The Vegetarian,' Young-hye, a character who becomes a vegetarian after nightmares about meat and eventually longs to become a plant, appears. At the end of the story, this leads to the reality of dismantling and destroying her body and relationship.

In physical reality, all organisms, including humans, have their own DNA code, consisting of different sequences of A, C, G, and T bases, while sharing some code and coexisting as part of an ecosystem. In a digital environment that creates a metaverse, completely different forms, interactions, and worlds are built depending on how the codes of 0 and 1 are arranged. In this reality, individuals can be letters, trees, or completely different beings.

These two realities built on different codes and seemingly contradictory concepts, such as nature and artificiality, material and non-material, real and virtual, are no longer separated. They are weaved together, and the flow will not stop. In between the overlap and gap of these intertwined realities, we will destroy each other while taking care of each other, believe and distrust at the same time, lose something while gaining, and exist and not exist simultaneously.

We're diving deeper into this fluidity and don't know what awaits us in that deep sea. The work stays on the blurred boundaries. In the time and space which is built with codes of 0 and 1, Young-hye may be able to put down the root on the ground and shake branches. But with this, can she become 'the plant' she keens?


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