Bacterial Element, 2020, Installation, Various Material_Textile, Paper
박테리아, 2020, 공간설치, 혼합매체_직물, 종이


Bacterial Element

Bacteria are not only the largest number of creatures on Earth but also the most adaptable organism. So, they exist everywhere, and they are beings that connect humans, other organisms, objects, and spaces. They are grotesque but beautiful, and both an invader attacking us and a part of us who protects us. They are a being who adapts to us and whom we adapt.

'Bacterial element,' just as bacteria stick to the body and break into it, sticks to the element of space - chair legs, doorknobs, handles of things, wires, etc.- and invades the space. And just as bacteria co-exist with other organisms and affect the way organisms interact with themselves or with the outside environment, the object changes the relationship of elements of a space, namely body, object, and space. This injection has a fundamental ambivalence, as the bacteria have. On one hand, it can be an attack since it destroys the rationality and convenience of space that was intended for. But on the other hand, it resists the boredom and pressure given by the rule of domestic space and gives individuals a possibility to change the way they perceive, relate, and interact with objects and space.


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