Waving Home, 2022, installation, (photoshoot: Pierrecastig) 


Waving Home

The cloth covering the window is
A wave that doesn't conceal completely, nor open.

I endure many nights
Looking at your shadow coming over the cloth
And the wall reflecting the ripple.


'Waving Home' deals with the imperfection of the home. The artist's personal narrative, her own home, is used as a material of work. Through the story, the work speaks about the lives of many contemporary individuals who continuously move around and repeat the acquisition and loss of their homes in both physical and psychological terms. The research is implemented in an installation made with a 1:1 scale painting of the windows and the view beyond, where the boundary between the inside and the outside of the house becomes transparent. House as a physical space is abstracted and gets a form like a memory, while being painted on a light and transparent material. And it is installed in a wavy and wrinkled way, converted back into a space once again. Through this process, 'Waving Home' invites the audience inside the portrait of the imperfect home. And it demonstrates the perspective regarding home as a wave, not a concrete, while digesting its fluidity and fragility.



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