Mise-en-scene : Letter, 2023, Various Size, Ceramic
미쟝센_편지, 2023, 가변크기, 세라믹


Mise-en-scene : Letter

What is the shape of memory? Memories are fade, cut off, and sometimes distorted or false stories are added to them. It is a story about an event that happened, but it is more like a complex mix of subjective interpretation and personal feelings. Memory, therefore, is less of a fact, but rather mise-en-scene. All the characters, objects, compositions, and arrangements in the scene are carefully directed by the person who holds the memory with a certain meaning. 'Mise-en-scene' is a collection of objects made from the extracted words in poetry about the very personal experience of the artist. Metaphorical languages are abstracted into semiotic forms, and colored by the glaze which is created as a combination of intention and coincidence. Then the images in the artist's memory are overlaid. Sculptures are made through the translation process from moment to memory, from memory to poetry, and from poetry to physical form. Thereby, it resembles the essence of memory itself, a mixture of omission and coincidence, modification and speculation. The first series of the work, 'mise-en-scene,' is born from the poetry 'Letter' which is written in a very snowy place. These pieces of memories are pushed into the viewers' lives which will remain as another memory for the viewer, or evoke some memories that they already have.


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