Hunger, 2019, Various Size, various Material 
허기, 2019, 가변크기, 혼합매체



The most basic human desire and the most fundamental social activity, 'eating,' has been reduced to the unit of an individual. As the number of single-person households rises, communal dining culture is disappearing, and more people eat alone. Therefore, we gathered in the digital. By watching a streamer who eats deliciously, viewers fulfill their own hunger. 'Mukbang' culture has arisen.

The hunger is a being who is there to share mealtime with the user. What would people do if they eat together with an object that opens its big empty mouth like one's own hunger? What would they feel about the being? What social impact could generate from the existence of the hunger on the dinner table?

Above all, where does this hunger come from? Is it physical or emotional? 

click the image to see the video

click the image to see the video


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