Windy House, 2023, installation, (photoshoot: Seok Park) 


Windy House

It was there,
Though I didn't know
It was there.

For me,
It was merely an edge,
A sunken surface,
A wrinkle in the street.

When its skin was swept away,
And the wind flowed between the bones,
Perhaps life exited,
I thought.

I often visit the scrawny fossil
Where the sunlight bends upon its elbow,
And rain trickles down the nape of its neck,

Until I glimpse my faint reflection
In the puddle beneath the feet
Where sound gathered.

One day,
The wave will reach there,
Cutting off the blank,
And accumulating things I can’t fathom.
With every rise and fall of the moon,
The wave will drag the void in and out.

As time passes, will I recall that bare essence?
What will remain of the landscape captured by engraving strata in the air?

It was full of wind,
In the empty house.


Urban space serves as a survival environment for living beings, but it is also the object of survival itself. By delving into the spatiotemporal anecdote of demolished buildings and places in the city where the artist resides, she explores the coexistence of vitality and void within them. While capturing the present of marginal and ordinary spaces through photography and memorializing their impending demise through the materialization of images, the work paints a portrait of the contemporary city. 



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